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eTRUCK is the new solution by TEXA that revolutionises the concept of conventional diagnostic tool. Once installed in the diagnostic socket and configured within minutes, this miniaturised device offers a brand-new type of service. In fact, with eTRUCK the workshop can constantly monitor the vehicle status remotely, carrying out functions such as reading and clearing the errors, reading the engineering parameters of the Powertrain systems and, absolute new feature, managing adjustment functions that allow restoring the optimal vehicle conditions, such as the DPF regeneration. All this with a view to monitoring and predictive maintenance, with the possibility for the mechanic to interact with the control units.

eTRUCK has been created to meet the new needs related to the management of vehicles and to face the increasingly stricter traffic regulations, which focus on the ever more important issue of limiting the polluting emissions. For example, in the new Euro 6 vehicles, a failure in the after-treatment system may cause the engine power to be reduced by up to 80%,
basically leaving the vehicle broken down on the road.

The management of latest-generation heavy duty vehicles is ever more complex, also because the number of control units installed on board has exponentially increased in the last few years. Besides resulting in a series of positive consequences in terms of comfort and safety, this condition has entailed a very important change in the concept of vehicle assistance. Ever more often, failures occur in heavy duty vehicles while on the road, far away from the workshop, with all the problems that may follow. Maintenance and repair cause the vehicle to remain stopped for a long time, which has a significantly negative impact on the earnings of the single fleet.

eTRUCK is the answer to these needs in the market of heavy duty vehicles and fleets, acting as the connection between the workshop and the industrial vehicle, fostering customer loyalty thanks to a continuous assistance service.
Besides vehicle repairers, it is the ideal solution also for drivers and fleet managers, as it keeps them constantly updated on the conditions of their vehicles and allows them to carry out actions aimed at reducing costs and optimising the use of vehicles, thanks to a dedicated app and web portal.

Workshop Portal
A website entirely dedicated to mechanics, which allows them to: constantly monitor the vehicle status remotely and intervene on the electronical system as if at the workshop, manage both scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance in advance, share a calendar of maintenance appointments with the driver and fleet manager, manage customers with a single software, create a detailed customer profile. 

eTRUCK interface for driver’s smartphone
Thanks to a dedicated APP, available for Android and iOS smartphones, at any time drivers can: read the tachograph data in real time, monitor their driving style, fill out a Driver’s Daily Vehicle Check & Defect Report List as required by law in certain countries, and read the vehicle data in real time. They can also have a remote vehicle diagnosis available to solve any possible faults in a very short time, without needing to visit the workshop, and check the maintenance calendar shared with the mechanic.

Fleet Manager Portal
Using this portal, fleet managers can: check the maintenance status and expirations of the vehicles, manage the vehicle fleet remotely thanks to the diagnosis and the solution of any possible failures by the workshop, and share a calendar of maintenance appointments with the workshop. They can also detect the driving style for each driver, download the tachograph data remotely and the Trip Data Recorder directly from the control unit.