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At this year’s Autopromotec in Bologna, TEXA is presenting the new AXONE 4 Mini. This brand new and highly innovative diagnostic tool boasts exceptional characteristics and offers users many of the functions that have made the AXONE 4 tablet such a global success. Other new developments on show include the new NAVIGATOR TXTs, integrated autodiagnostics for the KONFORT range of A/C recharge stations, the Emissions Analysis Range and the latest TEXA apps.

Autopromotec is one of the largest international exhibitions for automotive equipment and aftermarket products. The TEXA stand at this year’s edition, A26 in the new diagnostics area of Hall 14, will occupy a huge area of over 700 square metres and display a number of new products designed to satisfy the latest needs of vehicle mechanics:

  • AXONE 4 Mini: derived from the advanced technology of its big brother, the AXONE 4, this brand new, compact tool offers truly extraordinary functionality.
  • NAVIGATOR TXTs: the queen of diagnostic interfaces, today more powerful than ever.
  • KONFORT A/C recharge stations with TEXA’s exclusive NanoService integrated autodiagnostics, now approved by even more manufacturers.
  • The latest developments for exhaust gas analysis.
  • New apps for personalising your diagnostic tool.
AXONE 4 Mini
The AXONE 4 Mini is a brand new compact but extremely advanced diagnostic tool that incorporates most of the extraordinary functions that have made the AXONE 4 tablet such a success around the world.
On the outside, the AXONE 4 Mini features an eye-catching yet refined look that emphasises its robust build. Excellent user-friendliness is guaranteed by a 7 inch resistive full touch screen with a record resolution of 800x1280. On the inside, its architecture is based on a Cortex A8 processor that offers amazing calculation speed and flexibility. This powerful processor accesses and runs diagnostic functions in only half the time taken by the previous generation of processors. Other important features include a 4 GB solid state hard disk and a 16 GB SD card that lets you run a number of functions simultaneously. Because the hardware of the AXONE 4 Mini is incredibly versatile, and mechanics will be able to enjoy using the tool for many years to come, keeping abreast of the latest developments in vehicle electronics.

A Bluetooth module allows the AXONE 4 Mini to communicate easily with TEXA interfaces (NAVIGATOR TXT, NAVIGATOR TXC, Navigator Nano), exhaust gas analysers (GASBOX Autopower, OPABOX Autopower, RC2, RC3) and electrical measuring tools (UNIProbe and TwinProbe). A Wi-Fi card gives access to the internet. As with all TEXA products, the AXONE 4 Mini is extremely robust. In fact, it boasts homologation to military standard 810F and a protection rating of IP54. The operating system is also protected against viruses. In short, the AXONE 4 Mini is ideal for use in tough workshop environments.

The AXONE 4 Mini runs IDC4 PM which guarantees excellent usability and unprecedented speed, thanks to a special swipe-screen user interface similar to those found on popular consumer electronic products. A highly intuitive graphic interface based on large, coloured icons guides you through the various diagnostic functions quickly and easily, and the new software even provides direct access to important functions like parameter and state detection, error detection and resetting, component testing and activation, adjustments and calibrations.

On top of this, thanks to the constant dedication of TEXA’s worldwide development team, IDC4 PM also offers the widest coverage of any diagnostic software on the market, with over 350,000 selections. This in-depth coverage lets you work with confidence on the vehicles of all manufacturers, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Indian models.

TEXA has even launched a dedicated new portal to let you check the actual models covered by IDC4 software as well its latest diagnostic functions: www.texa.com/coverage.
In addition to unrivalled brand and model coverage, IDC4 PM also offers you access to essential content like technical bulletins, technical data and wiring diagrams to support your diagnostic procedures.

Technical bulletins: These provide superbly accurate information on the selected vehicle, including instructions for performing manual resets after servicing, overviews of specific mechatronic systems and more besides.

Technical data: TEXA’s extraordinary database contains specific details of all vehicles. TEXA’s technical data provides extremely detailed, model-specific information on mechanical settings, wheel alignments, tyre pressures, timing belt settings, scheduled maintenance, component locations, component testing and more besides.

Wiring diagrams: These are prepared by TEXA’s own engineers. Because they follow the same standard for all vehicle manufacturers, they are a great help in troubleshooting. While you are consulting a wiring diagram, you can also access datasheets for specific components or use the SIV function to perform oscilloscope tests using automatically selected settings.

IDC4 PM is the most complete diagnostic software available and also provides invaluable information to guide you right through a repair, from symptom to spare part.

IDC4 PM software also includes a whole series of functions designed to make life as a mechanic that much easier. These include:

TEXA Global Scan 3 is the amazing automatic function that scans all the diagnosable ECUs on a vehicle. Not only is the scan incredibly quick, but as soon as it finishes, TGS3 identifies the results and flags up any errors, allowing you to run autodiagnostics on selected systems.

This extraordinary IDC4 function lets you use Google search technology and an internet connection to search TEXA’s database for fault solutions that have already been used by mechanics around the world and collected by TEXA’s international call centres. The procedure is quick and easy. You simply select the vehicle you are servicing, then search for a fault solution by entering a description of the fault. Solutions and instructions are delivered in a matter of seconds.

TEXA’s Continuous Updates function lets you download update packages for new vehicles and new models as and when they become available, without you having to wait for the next complete version upgrade. And thanks to TEXA’s new, ultra-fast servers, downloads take very little time.

Because the AXONE 4 Mini is specially designed for use in vehicle workshops, it has a whole series of advantages compared to a standard PC. The innovative AXONE 4 Mini is robust, waterproof, easy to handle and practical – essential characteristics for a garage diagnostic tool – and also boasts an operating system that is immune to viruses and free from compatibility problems.

The AXONE 4 Mini is manufactured on ultra-modern and fully automatic assembly lines that apply extremely tough quality controls and ensure total product traceability. TEXA is one of very few companies in the diagnostics sector to be certified to ISO TS 16949, the standard demanded of OEM suppliers to the automotive industry.


  • Processor: Cortex A8, 800 MHz
  • SDRAM memory: 512 MB, DDR3, 800 MHz
  • Internal flash memory: iNAND, 4 GB
  • Operating system: Windows Embedded Compact 7
  • Display: 7”, WXGA, 16:10, 262 colour, TFT-LCD, resistive touch screen
  • Audio: integrated buzzer, speaker and microphone
  • Internal battery: fixed 3.7 V, 5200 mAh, Li-ion battery; backup battery for RTC
  • Communication ports: docking connector, 1 host USB and 1 Ethernet 10/100, with sliding access panel
  • Wireless connection: Bluetooth classes 2 and 1.5 on integrated module, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi on internal module; co-existence management; built-in antenna
  • Memory expansion: SD card slot
  • Dimensions: approx. 202x128x23 mm
  • Weight: approx. 600 g

The NAVIGATOR TXT, the powerful diagnostic interface that has become a reference for modern mechanics, is appearing at Autopromotec for the first time in the form of a new 26 pin version, the NAVIGATOR TXTs. The restyling applied to the NAVIGATOR TXT is an important development in itself, as it has permitted further optimisation of the tool, which now complies with interconnection standard ISO 22900 and also features more powerful diagnostic functions. These include error detection and cancellation; functioning parameter, state, activation, adjustment and configuration display; oil change, service and airbag warning light resetting; and ECU, key and remove control configuration. The NAVIGATOR TXTs communicates via Bluetooth with the AXONE 4, AXONE 4 Mini and MULTI PEGASO display units and with Windows PCs. Wireless connectivity means that users are free to move around the vehicle and workshop while carrying out diagnostics tests.

The NAVIGATOR TXTs is compatible with PASS-THRU protocol*, which allows workshops to connect to manufacturers' central servers and download software packages or official technical information. You can use PASS-THRU protocol whenever you need to update the software of one or more electronic control units, or reload it after a malfunction.

* Go to www.texa.com/passthru to verify compatibility and the functions available from individual vehicle manufacturers.


Another extremely important development that TEXA is presenting at Autopromotec is the possibility to run autodiagnostics on vehicle air conditioning systems directly from a KONFORT 770S, 780R BI GAS or 760R 2 GAS READY recharge station. This extraordinary achievement is the result of complete integration between KONFORT recharge stations and the NanoService miniaturised diagnostic tool. This practical little tool contains all the advanced technology needed to diagnose air conditioning systems without having to use cables. Detected data is displayed on the screen of the recharge station, with which the NanoService tool dialogues over a Bluetooth link.

This integrated solution makes switching from autodiagnostics to system recharging quick and easy, and allows you to offer your customers an extraordinary level of service.

This new autodiagnostic functionality for vehicle air conditioning systems arrives at just the right moment. The European Commission has confirmed that, as of the 1st January 2013, manufacturers must - without further exemptions - use the new low-GWP R1234yf refrigerant in the air-conditioning systems of newly-homologated vehicles, in compliance with directive 40/2006/EC.

Many manufacturers are therefore already making vehicles with A/C systems charged with the new refrigerant. It should be remembered that R1234yf requires a specific type of air-conditioning system. As a result, new vehicles will not be able to use R134a refrigerant, which will be gradually phased as new vehicles come onto the market.

Mechanics who want to keep up with the latest developments therefore need to purchase as soon as possible a new recharge station capable of working with R1234yf refrigerant, or one that can be converted to process the new gas in the future, or better still one that can work with the old R134a and the new R1234yf refrigerant at the same time. TEXA is the first company to have developed a complete range of recharge stations designed specifically for the new refrigerant. The KONFORT 700 Series is protected by 8 international patents.

Given the length of time for which vehicles charged with the “old” R134a and the “new” R1234yf will remain in circulation together, TEXA has also designed a Refrigerant Identifier Kit, covered by three patent applications, that can reliably recognise what type of gas is used in a system. This kit is fitted as standard to the 770S, and is available as an optional for the 760R and 780R BI-GAS. This is the world’s only European-made product that can eliminate the risk of contamination between different types of refrigerant during servicing, and therefore prevent the formation of unstable and potentially explosive mixtures.


Over the years, the innovative KONFORT 700 range of vehicle A/C recharge stations has received a long list of approvals from the world’s top vehicle makers.

Early in 2013, Jaguar Land Rover and Renault approved the use of KONFORT models 770S and 760R on their respective vehicles. The 760R received approval for use with the old R134a refrigerant and the new R1234yf refrigerant, which is now mandatory for all newly homologated vehicles.

Approval by these prestigious manufacturers is the result of TEXA’s reputation for product quality and for excellence in distribution and after-sales service, on top of the superb technical and design characteristics of the recharge stations concerned.

The approvals issued by Jaguar Land Rover and Renault are just the latest in a long series of approvals from brands like Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Kia, Opel, Chevrolet Europe, Vauxhall, Toyota, Subaru and Mazda.

KONFORT 700 recharge stations were first introduced in 2010 and proved an instant success on the world market. They are protected by eight international patents and manufactured in an ultra-modern and fully automatic production plant in order to ensure the highest possible levels of quality and reliability.


The introduction of MCTCNet2, the new protocol for vehicle test centres, has proven more complicated than initially thought. Despite this, in line with the latest circular issued by the Ministry for Transport, final dates have been established that will no longer be subject to variation. The 1st October 2013 has been set as the official start date for the compliance of test station and booking software, while the 1st April 2014 has been set as the start date for the compliance of equipment. TEXA has been ready for this new challenge for some time and is therefore presenting its new exhaust gas analysis software, ETS (Emission Test Software) at this year’s Autopromotec. This new software is totally up to date, graphically advanced and easy for even less experienced mechanics to use.
To coincide with the introduction of MCTCNet2 protocol, and in preparation for the full integration of all vehicle test centres, TEXA is also introducing a new type of exhaust gas analyser, capable of dialoguing with all items of Net2 compatible equipment using RSSE protocol. This will allow GASBOX AUTOPOWER and OPABOX AUTOPOWER exhaust gas analysers to be controlled from software on the test station’s PC.

Solidity and easy handling have always made the MULTI PEGASO ideal for workshop use. In keeping with its policy of continuous development, TEXA is presenting a brand new version at Autopromotec. The new MULTI PEGASO is a complete unit designed to work with all exhaust gas analysis tools. It is equipped with the latest generation Atom dual-core processor, 2 GB of RAM and a 340 GB hard disk. The user interface is based on a new 19 inch LCD screen and an air mouse remote control. The operating system is Windows 7. Bluetooth technology is also included, as with all TEXA products. The new MULTI PEGASO comes complete with a deskjet colour printer and lateral battery charging connectors for the GASBOX and OPABOX AUTOPOWER emission analysis tools.


TEXA APP* is the new virtual store that all TEXA customers can access, directly from IDC4 software, to activate useful new functionalities, to customise their diagnostic tools, and to improve system performance. TEXA’s apps give mechanics complete flexibility. From IDC4’s main menu, you can now go directly to the TEXA APP virtual store and choose from a list of available applications. Functions that are not currently available to your user profile are marked “Request”. To add one of these apps, all you need to do is to click on it and follow a simple, intuitive procedure to order from the retailer. It will then appear automatically on your diagnostic tool. In addition to pay-to-use applications, the TEXA APP store also offers a large number of free apps, provided directly by TEXA or its partners.

TEXA APP offers a brand new approach to the world of multi-brand diagnostic tools and confirms TEXA’s reputation for innovative, technically advanced and top quality diagnostic solutions.

Starting from version 52 of IDC4 CAR software, a number of useful new apps have become available to support your daily work. These include LPG SYSTEMS, VAG AIRBAG CODING, GLOSSARY, and CONVERTER.

LPG SYSTEMS is an app that lets you diagnose retrofitted, i.e. non original equipment LPG systems. This app is particularly interesting as it enables you to work on a large number of vehicles of various makes, including older models.

AIRBAG VAG CODING is another innovative app from TEXA, that lets you calculate rapidly and accurately the codes required for registering a new VAG** airbag control unit, without wasting precious time in the workshop. Simply enter the code shown on the box, and the app gives you the five digit code you require to complete the installation.

GLOSSARY is a useful app that translates the automotive industry’s technical terms and acronyms into plain, concise language, directly under IDC4.
Just enter an acronym or the name of an electronic device to obtain an immediate translation and description. The app gives the complete form, a translation and a description for each acronym. It also produces a list of associated electronic devices along with a translation for foreign language terms.

CONVERTER is a TEXA app that rapidly converts units of measure. The app is a valid aid to mechanics who regularly encounter a wide range of different measurements and values in their work with ECUs. The app lets you choose the initial unit of measure, enter a value, and then choose the unit of measure into which you want the value converted.

* Check the availability of TEXA Apps for your tool.
** For Volkswagen, Seat , Skoda