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TEXA secured an important deal with Eismann Italy, one of the main companies that sells frozen foods directly; the almost 850 vans with which Eismann supplies its products to over 400.000 Italian families will be in fact equipped with the TEXA’s remote diagnostic system and fleet management.

After testing several other solutions available on the market, Eismann found that TEXA was the right partner able to satisfy its expectations related to optimising the use of vehicles in terms of consumptions, rationalising the maintenance, the mileage and in general containing management costs.

All this thanks to an “in housing” solution, creating an operations centre at the headquarters of Eismann Italy in Sona (Vr), that is customised ad built into the customer’s operating system.

The sophisticated system developed by TEXA that equips Eismann vehicles, called TMD (TEXA Mobile Diagnostic), allows, by communicating in real time with the vehicle’s control units and sending the data to the Operations Centre, the control of the vehicle’s efficiency, thus guaranteeing a customised maintenance based on the conditions of use and quick intervention in case of faults. Starting from the analysis of the diagnostic data, the system provides a series of prompt indicators in order to prevent and reduce mechanical faults on the vehicle: being able to have this information, which is certain and in real time, regarding the correct operation of the vehicles, their moves, refuelling and fuel consumptions, improves the actions a fleet manager can implement both on a quantitative and qualitative level.

The advantages regarding the traceability of accidents are very important, since the TMD system allows a prompt reconstruction of the events helping save even in terms of insurance costs.

The collaboration between TEXA and Eismann arises from a combined research of the two companies, spurred on by Eismann’s General Services Manager Simone Boeretto, who enthusiastically promoted the opportunities related to the remote control and diagnosis.

The agreement was successfully reached after a test period of over 6 months that involved 30 vehicles of Eismann’s fleet and over 50 days of debate between respective technicians in order to optimise and customise the amount and quality of the information, particularly regarding refuelling and fuel consumptions, which weigh heavily on management costs.


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