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The renowned acknowledgement, conferred by a jury of eight experts during the most important international fair, awarded two of TEXA’s products: the augmented reality glasses and the remote diagnosis.

During Automechanika, the most important international fair related to the Automotive industry (with 4,631 exhibitors from 71 different countries) which takes place every two years in Frankfurt, the prestigious “Automechanika Innovation Award” is assigned.

A jury of eight experts, representing universities, the industry, trade associations and the press, awards the products, among the ones on show divided into 7 categories, that it believes to be the most revolutionary and designed in order to affect the market; the choice is based on features such as innovation, functionality, quality, the importance for the after-market and the contribution to environmental issues. 

It is certainly the most important acknowledgement in the sector, and sees the participation of the largest international manufacturers.

In the edition that just ended, TEXA was awarded in two categories!

The augmented reality glasses created in collaboration with Epson Italia stood out in the category “Repair/Diagnosis”. Mechanics often have to constantly look at the diagnostic tool while repairing a vehicle and this is particularly annoying when working in cramped spaces. Thanks to TEXA’s new glasses, technicians can work on vehicle components without having to look away from the diagnostic tool, as all the data is projected directly into the glasses which also respond to voice commands. Furthermore, the use of glasses and the safety information that can be acquired thanks to the augmented reality decrease the risk of dangerous operations, because each critical point is highlighted by signals that appear right in front of the mechanic’s eyes.

TEXA achieved its second triumph in the category “Electronics and Systems” with the revolutionary TMD MK3,
a multi-brand tele-mobility product that is unique, as it integrates within one device which can be connected to the vehicle’s OBD socket the following: multi-brand diagnostic module; 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE phone module; 4.0 Classic and LE Bluetooth module; GNSS module; 2 triaxial accelerometers; gyroscope; altimeter; dual microprocessor.

Thanks to TMD, the vehicle is connected to the network allowing many customised functions, with particular attention to safety and economy. Among the developments that were made possible thanks to TEXA’s technology, there are Car Pooling, Car Sharing, E-Call, B-Call, E-Toll, Alcohol and Drug Detection, Driver Identification, Vehicle-to-Vehicle or Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Dialogue, Traffic Management. 

“Our company – said Bruno Vianello, founder and President of TEXA – ever since it was founded, in 1992, has always focused on the most extreme innovation. Innovation though, I wish to emphasise, that is never separated from build quality; in fact, we have the most severe certifications for this industry. Of the over 450 company employees, 150 of them are dedicated to research and development with an investment of more than 10% of the sales volume. Such a prestigious acknowledgement, received, moreover, in the country where most of our major competitors are located and by such a high-level jury, fills us with pride and is an incentive to continue in this direction”.