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The latest born in the family of stations dedicated to the diagnosis and charging of A/C systems allows maintenance operations even on rough surfaces.

TEXA confirms it major attention towards innovation and the research for new solutions presenting KONFORT 705 OFF ROAD, the charging station for A/C systems dedicated to mechanics that operate in environments with uneven work surfaces. 

In 2014, TEXA launched KONFORT 705R, the “entry level” charging station for A/C systems designed to offer a simple yet complete tool, suitable for all the recovery and charging operations of the R134a refrigerant only, at a very convenient price.


Based on this model, TEXA developed the OFF ROAD version that contains, within its distinctive casing, all the technical specifications of model 705R with the addition of some adaptations expressly designed and implemented in order to operate on rough surfaces.

In fact, KONFORT 705 OFF ROAD is equipped with two oversized rear wheels compared to the ones used on the other machines in the KONFORT range. The wheels were also filled with foam to make them anti-puncture, a useful feature in order to operate outside the workshop. The two front wheels, generally available on the workshop versions, were replaced with one metal bar that increases the already great stability during use. Another solution, designed especially for use outdoors, is the scale locking system that avoids possible decalibration problems due to sudden jolts when on uneven grounds.

In addition to these new features, TEXA maintained all the functions that made model 705R successful worldwide in 2014. Agility and manageability, combined with the traditional manufacturing quality, are only a few of the features that distinguish this station; from an operating point of view, the user-friendliness, the accuracy and the important standard DataBase (which gives access to approximately 7,500 possible selections for the CAR, TRUCK and OFF HIGHWAY environments) make model 705 OFF ROAD the ideal partner for working in any condition the operator is in. 


“The 705 OFF ROAD project – these are the words of Stefano Meneghel, PM in charge of the KONFORT project – originated from precise needs. We wanted to create a station with the same technical features of model 705R but that would respond to the specific requests of who actually uses our tools.”

705 OFF ROAD increases the range of KONFORT 700 stations (made up of the models 705R, 710R, 720R, 760R, 760R BUS, 770S, 780R BI-GAS), dedicated to both the R134a refrigerant and the new R1234yf.

The year 2014 ended with a record production of approximately 6000 pieces, among which over 1000 configured for the new R1234yf gas. This data confirms the great trust in a product 100% made in Italy created on a unique fully automated production line, absolutely reliable and able to offer workshops maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.