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The KONFORT VAS 581 003 recharge station for R1234yf refrigerant was developed to the specifications of the Volkswagen group.

TEXA has received further confirmation of the quality of its KONFORT range of A/C system recharge stations in the form of homologation by the Volkswagen Group for Europe and the Middle East.

TEXA developed the KONFORT VAS 581 003 especially to cater for the needs of the Volkswagen Group service centres. The new station is configured for the R1234yf refrigerant that EU legislation has mandated as a replacement for the old R134a.

In addition to functions required by all German carmakers, the KONFORT VAS 581 003 also incorporates special characteristics requested by Volkswagen's own engineers, especially in the fields of safety and ease of use.

One of the station's many important features includes a refrigerant identifier to avoid potentially dangerous mixing of refrigerants.

Homologation by the prestigious Volkswagen Group is the latest in a series of recognitions that TEXA has obtained from leading car manufacturers.

The KONFORT range of recharge stations, which includes nine different models, is protected by various patents and is rightly acclaimed all over the world. The success of the KONFORT range was confirmed in 2015, when TEXA produced a record number of over 7000 units, including around 3000 configured for use with R1234yf refrigerant.

All KONFORT recharge stations are made in Italy on a fully automated production line that conforms to the strictest international standards.